Sunday, 5 July 2009


Yesterday I did no sewing at all, was far too hungover. Going to carboot today to try and get rid of some of my clothes, which I've only just realised I have too many of. Will probably end up with more than I sell, a few weeks ago I bought lots of lovely clothes from a guy called Eddie all 50p and the best ceramic leopards head on a plaque. In the evening I plan to get on with my sewing so I can start pattern cutting for some samples fo house of pandora.

I also plan to do this competition my friend Jenny sent me the link. I might enter a dress I made from a pair of trousers, or I may start another project for the competition which may be more fun, not sure yet.

This is the dress, I made it in first year at uni in a recycling project. It's made entirely from one pair of trousers.

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