Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Secret Garden Party

I'm just recovering from the secret garden party festival, it was lovely. So many interesting people and outfits. Just wish I had a digital camera to take more photo's. I took a few on disposable ones, they turned out quite pretty.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Off to secret garden

I'm off to SECRET GARDEN PARTY tomorrow, lovely. just wish i had these to take with me

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Beau-arts Country

Styling- Emma White
Models- Louise Lowdell and Sophie Taylor
Photography- Amy Ellis

This is a photoshoot I did for first year at uni, my theme was beau-arts country. I had the best location, a huge house in cheltenham town. The ceilings were high and the rooms were full of lovely objects and pieces of artwork. The wallpaper was hand painted and the main room was an amazing acid yellow. the house belonged to a friend of my parents, he was the head of fashion for Cheltenham Univeristy when they both studied there, they actually know him as they used to model for him when at Uni. He used to work for Yves Saint Laurent, British Vogue among others, so he was very helpful too! The hat in the photo above belonged to his grandmother so was over a hundred years old, Sophie the model loved it, I wasn't sure at first but loved it in the end.

I would like these. . .

More alterations

I have been busy busy, well for one day I didn't stop sewing and cropped, stitched up and fixed 20 pieces of clothing. These are a few of them.
Unfortunately I'm using my little brother digital camera because mines broken and I can't seem to get a photo which isn't blurry!

This dress was made with the most amazing material, it was if it was painted.

This one I took in and cropped to make a little top.

This one was a dress I bought in Bournemouth, it's huge and I cut it far too short, it wasn't quite right as a dress so i turned it into a little t shirt, I might actually wear this one, or maybe sell to Pandora, i'll have to see.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

window shopping

Just been on and seen lots of things I want. Especially the Roberto Cavalli's leopard ring I would of attempted to buy it if it hadn't sold out. Think the leather clutch is lovely too, and the apple bag is amazing, think I even might prefer it to the Chanel Russian doll bag. The apple bag wasn't on net-a-porter I can't remember where I saw it.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Off to the farm

I've applied to be a rep, now just waiting for a response. Also I entered the Oxfam competition, I used the dress I made in first year, the competition ends soon so thought it's best to enter something quickly and I don't think I would have time to make something as good as my dress.

I'm off to London today, then off to Sussex to stay on Alex's friends farm, should be lovely. So no sewing for me for a while but when I get back I need to do lots.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Fashioning an ethical industry

I've seen posters and recieved emails about this website before but hadn't ever got round to going on the site. I went on today and plan to apply to be a student rep for next year, I'll do this tomorrow. All I have to do is email them and say what uni I go to and why I want to be a rep etc, fingers crossed they will choose me. It's something I am very interested in, and would love to be more involved in ethical fashion. They also do worskhops so I've sent off for a booking form.

Some of my work

I'm planning on doing a photoshoot with some of my work from this year. One of my projects was on the circus. This was my final outfit. The trousers were huge and made out of a heavy weight jersey. They also buttoned up so you could turn them up and change the style. I plan to work my my boyfriend who did photography and uni and do a circus themed very over the top shoot. I've styled a photoshoot before for a project in first year at uni, and I loved doing it.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Yesterday I did no sewing at all, was far too hungover. Going to carboot today to try and get rid of some of my clothes, which I've only just realised I have too many of. Will probably end up with more than I sell, a few weeks ago I bought lots of lovely clothes from a guy called Eddie all 50p and the best ceramic leopards head on a plaque. In the evening I plan to get on with my sewing so I can start pattern cutting for some samples fo house of pandora.

I also plan to do this competition my friend Jenny sent me the link. I might enter a dress I made from a pair of trousers, or I may start another project for the competition which may be more fun, not sure yet.

This is the dress, I made it in first year at uni in a recycling project. It's made entirely from one pair of trousers.

Friday, 3 July 2009

(holes in a nightie which had been altered to a cami, has quite a big hole in it though, and it won't sew up very well. so i'm going to patch it up with some vintage lace.)

Lots more sewing to do today but my machine has packed it in. Will try and fix it if not going to try and do some sketching and write to companies for sponsorship.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Starting work for Pandora

I've just started working for The House Of Pandora, a Vintage shop in Cheltenham. ( They sell vintage, second hand and new ethical clothing. I am currently doing some alterations for them. Today I have been shortening high waisted skirts and turning an 80's long prom dress into a shorter puffball version. Still got lots of hand sewing to do, fixing holes and rips in lots of very old and beautiful items of clothing.