Friday, 28 August 2009


Ink and quill drawings for a kitsch project
Sin City

Ink and quill drawing of the frozen sea in Latvia

Photo's of my sketchbook from a project on Courtesans.


A little photoshoot I did with my beautiful friend Faye. I had some more shots with different outfits but I have no idea when the CDs are. The waistcoat she is wearing is made from leather and I hand cut out the flowers, I also made a pair of knickers but they didn't quite look right in the photo's.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I made some samples of some very simple, high waisted skirts today for the label Found. We have one in the shop which was such an easy pattern we thought we would trace off the pattern and make them out of recycled floral material. There will be two sizes, small and med/large. The first small I made was far too small, but the second was just right. I love gathered skirts like this, they are so easy to wear and flattering too, just wear them round at your waist with a belt and a boob tube, very slimming outfit especially for pear shaped girls like me.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


This is my brothers website, his paintings and illustrations are beautiful. Makes me think I need to pick up a paintbrush.


I made this lace dress sample last week, just traced off the pattern from a lace shift dress louise had. Its made from old lace curtains. I've usedthe jersey from an old t-shirt for the binding around the neck and armholes.
Since making this Louise has changed her mind. As we have also made a lace racerback ,top I have traced off the pattern,lengthened one to make a dress and shortened one to make a crop top. When I have made these samples I will put on the photo's. They are really sweet as they flare out at the bottom, will definately want one of each for myself.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

playful playsuits

I've been trying to create a playsuit for the house of pandora. Ideally it needs to be one size, which is pretty difficult with a playsuit. I made one pattern and ballooned it out at the side
which is the blue one, but it wasn't quite right, it was too big at the middle.

The purple and blue one was my third attempt, I really like it but I think its still a bit big, need to crop the shorts and bring it in a little at the waist. When the size is ready, the playsuit will be sinched in at the waist with some elastic and we will use hook and eye tape as a fastening. As this is just a sample I used scrap material, when the sample is perfect they will be made from recycled floral material, think they will be beautiful.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I'm a little magpie when it comes to shopping .

I did a carboot on sunday, ended up buying more than I sold. These are a few broaches and bits and bobs I bought for the shop, I got them all for a tenner which I thought was pretty good. Going to put the crosses, clock and tooth onto some gold chains.

Above is a little tiny tape measure I bought for £1, it took ages to work out what it was, I thought it was a little clock at first.
I also bought a yellow crop top with a palm tree on it, an AMAZING lace body and a pretty floral dress. Once they're washed, cropped and wearble I will put up some photos.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

New purchases

I bought this new playsuit at Beyond Retro on Tuesday, I love the colour, even wore it out that night.

I also bought some amazing high waisted acid wash jeans and a babydoll nightie.

Monday, 3 August 2009

If I had lots of dollar . . . .

mui mui boots
chanel peep toes

New stock for Pandora

Louise bought lots of new stock for the shop and we had to get it out quick as the shop was robbed by th ex partner of the shop. These were all shirts which i took the sleeves off and the collars, to make them into waistcoats/ dresses depending on how long they are. I made these ones today.

The one above I had to take in aswell as it was a HUGE shirt! now I really like it as a dress, the print and the material is lovely.

I love this fruity little number.

This brightly coloured one is another favourite, the print is amazing and the material is really thin and almost see through, would look great over very pale skinny jeans.